Terms and Conditions

Pana Design Co.,Ltd. is the Seller of the Goods.

Pana Objects’ product is Pana Design Co.,Ltd’s brand as a fulfillment provider to process and facilitate orders placed on www.pana-objects.com which are to be shipped to an address in Thailand and outside (“International Orders”). As a result, any such International Orders are governed by these International Order Terms and Conditions of Service. By confirming your International Order, you indicate that you accept and agree to these International Order Terms and Conditions in addition to any other terms and conditions required in relation to your purchase. In the event that these International Order Terms and Conditions conflict with other terms and conditions set by Pana Design Co.,Ltd.  in relation to an International Order, these International Order Terms and Conditions shall apply.

When completing your purchase on Pana Objects’s website and checkout page, you will be providing your payment details, shipping address and any additional information required to complete your order directly to Pana Design Co.,Ltd.

Once your order has been approved, Pana Design Co.,Ltd. will assume title to the goods you have ordered for purpose of fulfilling your International Order. Any payment associated with an International Order will be processed and accepted directly by Pana Design Co.,Ltd. , as the seller of the goods to you (“Merchant of Record”). In addition, where it is required by law, rule or regulation, or where you elect to pre pay any applicable duties and taxes, Pana Design Co.,Ltd. will collect any such duties and taxes with your payment and make payment to the appropriate taxing authority on your behalf. When Pana Design Co.,Ltd. receives your payment details and any additional information related to your International Order, you hereby acknowledge and agree that Pana Design Co.,Ltd. is entitled to verify and authenticate your payment information, and if it is unable to verify this information, a Pana Design Co.,Ltd. representative may contact you and/or your payment card issuer to confirm your identity and/or your intent to place the order.

Once the payment is processed, title in the goods will shift to you. Pana Design Co.,Ltd. will then direct shipment of the goods by common carrier for delivery to the address indicated in your International Order.

All payments collected in relation to International Orders will be processed on the Pana Design Co.,Ltd. payments system. At checkout, you may select your preferred currency and payment method from those listed as available currencies and payment methods. Pana Design Co.,Ltd. will present the purchase price to you in your preferred currency. Please note that prices in different countries and currencies may vary. When you complete and confirm payment, you are indicating that you agree and accept the presented price as the purchase price.

Customer Service Will Be Provided by Pana Design Co.,Ltd.

You may contact directly via email at contact@pana-objects.com. While Pana Design Co.,Ltd. is the seller of the goods, or Merchant of Record, you may direct any inquiries, questions or comments regarding the goods you have purchased-including returns and refunds to our customer service number. We will be happy to assist as needed to address your concerns. Pana Objects’s published Returns Policy will apply for all International Orders.

Pana Objects, has a return policy that allows for international returns, ’s return policy to its consumers as well.

General Terms.

By placing your International Order, you indicate that you agree and accept the following terms:

  • Pana Design Co.,Ltd.  has no obligation to process the payment for your order until the order has been accepted, and Pana Design Co.,Ltd. reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders in its sole discretion.
  • In some jurisdictions, Pana Design Co.,Ltd. utilizes contracted third parties under strict confidentiality and data protection requirements for purposes of payment processing services.
  • If you elect to use a payment card or other electronic form of payment for purchase of your International Order, the charges to your account will be accompanied by a descriptor referencing Pana Design Co.,Ltd. 
  • For your protection, Pana Design Co.,Ltd. utilizes various fraud prevention protocols and industry standard verification systems to reduce fraud. As a condition of accepting your International Order, you must comply with such protocols and business risk policies, including but not limited to card authentication and “ship to” and “bill to” address verification. Once an order is placed, you may not change payment information or any “ship to”/”bill to” address. If a request for an International Order is declined by Pana Design Co.,Ltd. but payment is processed due to an error in the payment system, that transaction shall be void.
  • In the event that any items in your International Order are shipped separately or at different times, or in the event that your International Order is partially filled, you will only be charged for the goods actually shipped to you, including any shipping fees, duties, taxes, VAT and or other fees applicable to those goods.
  • Customs, Duties, Taxes and Collection Fees. You are responsible for payment of the estimated value of any import taxes, sales tax, value added tax, and customs duties that may be levied by any government authority, and any disbursement fees, advancement fees or similar fees that may be imposed by the shipper, broker, the customs authority of the destination country or other party, including any additional penalties or fees imposed by applicable tax or customs authorities (collectively, “Duties, Taxes and Fees”). Pana Design Co.,Ltd. shall be liable for any difference in the estimated Duties, Taxes and Fees and the actual Duties, Taxes and Fees due and payable upon entry to the destination country. You will never be asked to pay additional Duties, Taxes and Fees after checkout, nor will you be entitled to receive a refund of any portion of the estimated Duties, Taxes and Fees. In the event that you defer payment of any applicable Duties, Taxes and Fees for payment upon delivery, you are fully liable for payment in full of the Duties, Taxes and Fees at the time of delivery. If you fail to pay any applicable Duties, Taxes and Fees which become due upon delivery, any costs, Duties, Taxes and Fees which accrue in relation to the initial delivery and subsequent return of the International Order or portion thereof shall be deducted in full prior to a refund of the purchase price of returned goods.
  • You acknowledge and agree that the Pana Design Co.,Ltd. reserve their respective rights to analyze transactional data, anonymously and in aggregate, for the purpose of identifying trends, statistics and measurements that could contribute to the enhancement of Pana Objects’s customer experience and/or Pana Design Co.,Ltd. services. Any transactional data so analyzed will be aggregated and de-identified, such that any personally identifiable information is removed.
  • Compliance with Applicable Laws. By agreeing to these Terms of Service, you certify that any goods purchased in an International Order will not be exported, sold, or transferred in violation of any applicable laws, including without limitation the Thailand Export Administration Regulations or applicable Thailand sanctions and embargoes administered by the Thailand Treasury Department. By purchasing such products you are acknowledging that delivery of the International Order does not violate any laws or regulations in the country of delivery, and you acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to know the laws in the country into which you are importing such products.
  • Electronic Communications. When you place an International Order, you are communicating with Pana Design Co.,Ltd. electronically, and acknowledge and agree to enter into your purchase agreement by electronic means, and to receive communications from Pana Design Co.,Ltd. electronically via email.
  • Modifications. You acknowledge and agree that Pana Design Co.,Ltd. reserve the right to make changes to its systems, policies, and these International Order Terms and Conditions at any time. If any or any portion of these International Order Terms and Conditions shall be deemed invalid, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that term or portion of terms shall be deemed severable, and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remainder.