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Who we are

We are a humble little brand based in Thailand that take wood and design closely to our heart.

Pana is the Thai word for forest, therefore Pana Objects means “The Creation from Forest”

and with every ounces of care, idea and creativity being poured in every detail of our products.

From us to you, It’s all about wood

We believe in wood and fall in love with the charm of its natural beauty.

And at this point we’re pretty sure that you also feel the same.

To offer you a product with the best quality possible, we personally hand-picked every single piece

of solid wood to use with our little creations. All of these just to make sure that every single piece of wood

will reflect the beauty of our product perfectly. Because the beauty that last is the only thing that counts.

Friends, designers,

makers and wood lovers.

Back in 2005, a group of friends met each other in design college where they shared theirs passions

toward design and all things wood. Fast forward to present, those passion gave birth to something beautiful and the rest is history.

Pana Objects is the one and only brainchild of us, 7 friends, designers and makers. With our diverse and well seasoned background

ranging from industrial designer, furniture designer, graphic designer, branding specialist and manufacturing geek,

Pana Objects aims to bring the charm of wood craft back to your modern life. Everything that we do here

they’re all come straight from our brain, heart and hand with only one goal in our minds;

“to make your life more lively and meaningful”.

Here, at Pana Objects we bring our production process up close and personal so close that it just behind our studio.

And by combining high precision wood machining method with a touch of maker’s delicacy,

this help us provide you a product exactly the way that we want. With care, heart and perfection.

“We just wish our wooden creation

will make yourlife more lively and meaningful”