We are a humble little brand based in Thailand that take wood and design closely to our heart.
Pana is the Thai word for forest, therefore Pana Objects means “The Creation from Forest”
and with every ounces of care, idea and creativity being poured in every detail of our products.



Idea + wood

Because wood is a living material, each pieces are individual, unique and can be aged Matching right woods with right design is our steel commitment.

It's in the detail

We meticulously design and craft how our product and its parts come together. Every little details like joint, assembling even grain of wood were taken seriously for the whole design process.

Our inspiration

Our everyday lives have been dominated by synthetic objects for too long. You’ve got almost the same soulless mobile phone make as that of plastic pallets fitted in the same factory, put together by workers in China. That's why we wanted to put the emotion back into everyday life and make it more meaningful by using woodcraft to create products that will timelessly accompany people’s lives, both aesthetically and functionally.

The Industrial Craft

What makes us special is we are bridging the gap between industrial CNC methods and wood craft. Which means we're not only craft a beautiful object but we also think about how to industrialized the process so that we can tweak the production to create a product close to perfection in detail that traditional craftsmen cannot acheive.