“Wayla” wooden sundial

“Wayla” wooden sundial



With the advance of technology, life has been integrated with the over-simplified technology so that sometimes, something become neglected or be forgotten.

Time is the one that fall into the case.

As the technology goes, time is integrated into one of our daily objects. From the dial panel with two pins and numbers to the digital system in our mobile phone. The time is diluted by the medium’s appearance and taste.

Nevertheless, the time is assumption, the reference that we refer to our lives to live as we please. It doesn’t matter that we obtain the delicate designed phone in our pocket or cool watch we wear, we still can tell the time by “the sign of nature”, sunrise and sunset without those things.

“Wayla” is Pana Objects’ message to you, the audiences, who live in the rat race, stop and sense something in yourselves. The things that belong to us from the beginning of our time. The message from the nature via Shine as shade and shadow to tell you something about the time.

– the dial plate face toward north.

– the orientation degree is calculated to be able to use in Thailand and the nearby regions (at 11 ํ 42′)

  • Wayla can indicate time from 0600 am – 0600 pm